Antonia Johnson MSW

Antonia Johnson is a dedicated student pursuing a Master's in Social Work at Yeshiva University. Antonia graduated from John Jay College of Criminal Justice with a Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice Law & Due Process. Antonia has fourteen years of experience working in the Social Work field. She has performed with the different developmental disabilities' agencies for four years. Antonia has worked with at-risk youth at The Children's Village and Sheltering Arms Children and Family Services for four years. She has performed with adults and children of various ages for six years. Antonia has worked at Mid-Hudson Forensic Psychiatric Center and other city agencies. Antonia now operates at Administrative Children Services, where she performs and supports families. Antonia brings passion and commitment to the field of social work.  With a groundwork deep-rooted in empathy, advocacy, and service, Antonia is ambitious by a need to influence individuals and communities positively. The academic journey at Yeshiva University has equipped Antonia with a broad understanding of social work theories, evidence-based practices, and ethical principles. Antonia is eager to apply this knowledge in real-world settings, positively impacting the lives of those she will serve. Committed to lifelong learning, Antonia embraces the challenges and rewards of the social work profession. The academic and practical experiences gained at Yeshiva University continue to shape Antonia's professional identity, emphasizing the importance of teamwork, support, and empowerment in social work practice. As Antonia progresses through the MSW program at Yeshiva University, she remains dedicated to the pursuit of social justice, compassion, and the enhancement of individual and collective well-being. Antonia looks forward to further contributing to the social work field and making meaningful differences in the lives of those she serves.