Family Therapy

At Second Chance Counseling PLLC, we offer family therapy services. Essentially, the goal of family therapy is to help the whole family, rather than the individual. Typically, this familial approach to therapy is used to address specific concerns that impact the entire family, such as interpersonal conflict, parenting challenges, and major life transitions.

A family therapist supports families by:

  • Improving communication between family members

  • Helping family members learn the differences between respect and fear

  • Settling arguments and resentments that hinder the development of healthy relational patterns

  • Dealing with external stressors (i.e. divorce, loss, death, and other major life transitions)

  • Helping step-families adapt and grow as a family unit

  • Encouraging understanding, empathy, forgiveness, and love

  • Helping resolve issues faced by the family, such as addiction, trauma, domestic violence, etc.

  • And more

We understand that each family situation is unique. We make every effort to apply the most appropriate therapeutic approaches and strategies to suit the specific needs and goals of every family that we serve.