Danielle Rubin, LMSW  

Building relationships where individuals feel seen, heard, and accepted as  who they may be a struggle at times. Through executive decision making, and  the ability to connect their inner mindset with their outer mindset, the individual themself is able to fulfill a promising, successful, and more positive lifestyle. Individuals may find themselves feeling stuck in the same  frustrating relationship patterns, and the questions and deep inner thoughts of how this continues to happen can affect others and make them feel badly  about themselves. The lack of empowerment in one’s life may take many forms, both great and small, and impact everything from self -esteem and relationships to the performance of their quality of life as well as their mental well being. I believe that therapy is an active process and therapists are trained to pay attention to the ups and downs of their working  

relationships with those that they work with. To put it simply, the therapeutic alliance is the measure of collaboration and partnership between the therapist and client. I believe that being a part of a team with my clients will be able to help us understand one another and want to strengthen the different struggles the individuals may be feeling and collaborate together  


License Master Social Worker 5 years' experience  


NYU: competed BSW  

Fordham University: Completed Master Clinical Social Worker) Graduated in 2017) 

                    Currently in the process of obtaining License Social Worker Clinical License  

Trained Experience and Knowledge:  

• Suicide/Homicidal Risk 

• Safety Planning 

• Depression inventory Assessments 

• Trained in Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy  

• Child Abuse/Neglect 

• Play Therapy/ DIR (Developmental, Individual-differences, and Relationship based model) 

• Cultural Competency 

• Crisis Intervention/ Management  

Types of Therapy  

• Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) 

• Trauma Focused Behavioral Therapy TF CBT)  

• Strength Based  

• Solution Focused Therapy  

• Attachment Based  

Working with individuals and families to help them try and work through their different obstacles and assist them in reaching their goals has allowed for the enhancement of therapeutic techniques that involves a specific individualized approach. Danielle Rubin has a skilled interpersonal personality that assists with calming abilities and works with individuals who are struggling with depression, anxiety, those who are happy and those who are needing compassion. Danielle Rubin assists those who are looking in their personal life experiences as they are the ones who know their personal life best and they are the experts and the “driver in the driver’s seat” as they share their own stories. Danielle Rubin’s goal is to work with those who are ready and wanting to develop or enhance their every day  coping skills both large and small leading to a stronger outlook on life.